Frequently Asked Questions


What is smokeSCREEN?

smokeSCREEN is a tobacco use prevention videogame that addresses a range of challenges that young teens face with a dedicated focus on decision-making about tobacco.

How much does it cost?

smokeSCREEN is free to play.

What devices will it work on and what other technical requirements should I know about?

smokeSCREEN will play on most devices that have a web browser and can access the internet.  This includes computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Do you have other games like smokeSCREEN that deal with other health topics for teens?

We do! Please visit our website at to learn more about our other games.

How long does it take to complete smokeSCREEN?

The game takes roughly 2-3 hours to complete.

Is there a guide for teachers and educators on how to use smokeSCREEN?

Yes! Please visit our “For Teachers” page to download a copy of the Teacher’s Manual and see a short tutorial video on how to set up smokeSCREEN.