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smokeSCREEN will be available in April 2018. Please check back soon.


About smokeSCREEN

A collaboration between the play2PREVENT Lab, Yale and USC Tobacco Centers of Regulatory Science (TCORS), and Schell Games, this project expanded on earlier development and evaluation of the videogame intervention, PlayForward: smokeSCREEN with the goal of collecting in-game and standardized data on adolescents’ attitudes, perceptions, and knowledge about e-cigarettes and other tobacco products. We conducted focus groups with over 30 teens, aged 11-14 to adapt and playtest the new game and then collected in-game (documenting their actions in the game) as well as standardized data on 80 teens. Using methods we have developed at the play2PREVENT Lab, we are analyzing these unique in-game data and the standardized data to evaluate how teens process messages and form attitudes, perceptions, and obtain knowledge regarding tobacco products.


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