smokeSCREEN: A smoking prevention videogame

on a mission to prevent youth smoking

The play2PREVENT Lab at the Yale Center for Health & Learning Games has received generous support from the CVS Health Foundation to advance a shared mission to prevent smoking in youth through the videogame smokeSCREEN:




A collaboration between the play2PREVENT Lab, Yale and USC Tobacco Centers of Regulatory Science (TCORS), and 1st Playable Productions, this project expanded on earlier development and evaluation of the videogame intervention, PlayForward: smokeSCREEN with the goal of collecting in-game and standardized data on adolescents’ attitudes, perceptions, and knowledge about e-cigarettes and other tobacco products.

smokeSCREEN addresses the range of challenges that young teens face, with a dedicated focus on youth decision-making about tobacco smoking (conventional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, flavored tobacco products), and includes strategies for both smoking prevention and cessation.

Results from our published pilot study suggest that brief exposure to smokeSCREEN may have a promising effect on preventing risk for early adolescent tobacco product use. The videogame changed knowledge of e-cigarettes and other tobacco products, risk perceptions of cigarettes and e-cigarettes, and beliefs about e-cigarettes and other tobacco products, but not intentions. Older adolescents reported greater e-cigarette knowledge and risk perceptions, and females reported greater risk perception of cigarettes. In addition, beliefs mediated the relationship between knowledge and intentions to use e-cigarettes.

smokeSCREEN is developed for ages 10-16, the game is available now to users with authorized logins.



CVS Health's #BeTheFirst initiative aims to help deliver the nation’s first tobacco-free generation


Based on research and development conducted at the Yale Center for Health & Learning Games with the generous support of CVS Health and CVS Health Foundation